The School of Music and Drama was established in 2003 to bring excellence in arts education to Monmouth County.

Our mission is to give students the skills they need to enjoy music and drama for a lifetime, and the success of our studio goes hand in hand with the happiness of our students. 

There are other studios in our area who offer a strictly classical music program, other studios who are primarily retail music stores and others still with unqualified teachers. We are a school and we don't believe in only teaching one style of music or drama and we have no conflicts of interest in trying to sell our students musical equipment. We do offer university trained, friendly instructors who teach fundamentals of music, regardless of instrument to help our students learn whatever type or types of music they are interested in whether that is classical, pop or jazz. Our Drama classes are kept small to ensure the best experience for students and the in-class presentation in December and the black box production in June ensure parents can enjoy their child's progress. We also believe recitals and performances should be conducted in a friendly, supportive environment where students know if they make a mistake it's alright, they tried their best and there is always the next recital. That's also our belief about weekly lessons and classes; sometimes we all have a bad week without much practice and when that happens there is always next week to try a little harder and do a little better.

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