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Are you looking for a studio that has great results?

A few of our well known students including pop superstar Charlie Puth, Phoebe Ryan, award winning songwriter Shannon Corsi and singer songwriter Colton Kayser can all attest to the simple fact that sometimes they felt like they weren't improving and wanted to quit music. Thankfully for them, their parents and all of us they didn't! Please take a look at the following Path to Musical Success Chart and know that when your child starts studying music with us they are in the right place and will be learning from a caring, qualified, friendly University trained professional.

Path 3


Do you write songs and want to learn how to record and produce them?

Would you like a coach to help you take your music to the next level?


Our newest program "Band Coach" is designed for young musicians looking to create and finish a song, produce and record it professionally and create a unique website and social media presence to promote the music. Our team includes a master musician, teacher, and recording engineer, an amazing web designer and social media director and an active and accomplished young singer songwriter with all the right connections on the local scene. Call 732-219-1850 today for a free consultation. Your creativity and inner RockStar are waiting to come out. Let's make it happen - together!

In related news...“You might’ve already written your biggest hit without realizing it yet.“That’s the lesson from the music career of Kashy Keegan, a London-born songwriter whose unexpected “overnight” success saw him outselling artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Here’s the story: Kashy worked hard for years trying to make his musical dreams come true. After countless rejections and much frustration with the business side of music, he gave up.And that’s when everything changed. Out of the blue, a popular Hong Kong TV network licensed a song that Kashy had written years before and which had gone largely ignored. When government censors denied that network a broadcast license, Kashy’s song became the unofficial anthem for a whole protest movement. Within 48 hours, he was performing in a distant country in front of thousands of fans he never knew he had. The song was then catapulted to #1 on the iTunes charts in the region, and he was quickly signed to the record deal he’d been striving for all those years before. “After 15 years of what felt like an uphill struggle, things just clicked and it was the right song at the right time that captured the spirit of the moment. It didn’t matter that I had written the song six years earlier or that it had sat there all that time with no one really listening to it. The whole experience has opened my mind again and taught me that life really can surprise you when you least expect it.” None of this would have happened if Kashy’s music wasn’t accessible online, worldwide. Since you never know who’ll discover your music (or how they prefer to listen to songs)it’s best to be EVERYWHERE, in every popular music platform around the world. The power of a song. Sometimes connecting with a large audience is all about the right song at the right time. Or as Kashy says: “A lot of the time people will write a song and want an instant reaction. It doesn’t always happen when we want it to, but once a song is recorded, there’s no saying how or when it might become the next big hit.”


We Have A Friend At Sweetwater!

Are you looking for someone you can trust to buy instruments and music gear from?

At our school we made the decision a long time ago to not sell equipment so there is no conflict of interest and we can simply focus on what we do best, which is teach. But over these 15 years so many parents and students have asked for guidance in buying an instrument or an amp or a music accessory or whatever it is they need to sing their song. I've been buying my equipment from David at for years and years now. He just told me if the students at our school need a new guitar, bass, keyboard or any gear he will personally take care of you and offer a discount. When I needed some high end gear for my recording studio and an instrument for my son recently David was the first - and last - person I consulted. Sweetwater has a huge campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana where they house just about every musical item, have recording studios and performances! They have a terrific return policy if there is ever a question about your order and David will personally help you get what you want and need and at a fair price. Click the link below to contact David and find what you need today - Don't forget to tell him Jim at the School of Music and Drama sent you! (Besides, you kind of have to trust a face like this)


david mikautadze




Becoming A More Confident Performer

What’s a Performance?

Performance can be defined as an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment. When getting ready to perform, whether it's for mom and dad in the family room, one of our School of Music and Drama recitals or in a big concert hall in front of thousands of fans nerves and anxiety can come into play to derail our best efforts to deliver the music the way we want; relaxed, with confidence and feeling. As we prepare for our Spring Recital I've come up with a few strategies to help ease any unnecessary performance anxiety.


Sal 2    Grace

  • Know your music. It sounds simple but regular practice with close attention to detail is crucial
  • Bring your music. Even if you have practiced your songs until you could play them in your sleep bring your sheet music. Sometimes in front of an audience you lose your place and if you have your music you'll be fine
  • Visualize yourself playing well and hearing applause and seeing smiling faces in the audience. Doing this often before performing will greatly improve what happens on stage
  • Remember that the greatest musicians in the world make mistakes ALL THE TIME. If during your performance you miss a note or lose your place continue on as if nothing happened. That's what the pros do when it happens to them
  • Realize we are all on your side. Everybody in the audience including your family, your friends, your peers and your teachers want you to do well so crush it!
  • Keep in mind this is all part of a long journey. You will hear some students on the recital who are more advanced musicians than you are and some who are less advanced. If you continue studying and enjoy playing your instrument you will keep improving 
  • HAVE FUN! Wear a silly tie or a fancy dress, make a joke before you play and when you're done give a big bow to the audience with a huge smile on your face as a way to thank them for listening and for cheering for you!



School of Music and Drama Spring 2016 News and Notes


On January 30th the Oceanport Boy Scouts joined us for a field trip!

The twelve boys and their parents took a quick tour, learned about our school and had an hour long music class where they sang patriotic songs, played percussion and learned about rhythm and got to create a new song with our teacher Dave using words from the Scout creed and motto! If you're the leader of a boy or girl scout troop, a pre school or a home school group and would like to visit us for a field trip please call today for details. Here's what Suzy Peto, the leader of the troop had to say "We just got home from our trip and I am so beyond thankful. Dave is AMAZING! We came up with a song to sing in front of the older dens and it will be the envy of the other dens!!!! Thank you for giving the boys this opportunity". It was absolutely our pleasure and just another way we try to serve the community 

Our Students Win!

rsz img 0928

Congratulations to Dylan Plesser, the winner of this years Bring A Friend Contest. Dylan won a brand new IPod and got to share his drum lesson with three of his best friends and his teacher Matt! Runners up this year were pianist Michael Chen and pianist Isabella Branker who both won Best Buy gift cards! As always thanks to all the students who brought their friends to their lessons to learn about our school!


Summer is a great time to start lessons!

- If you or your child got a new instrument over the holidays, sports or other activities are slowing or they are finally ready to get started with music call 732-219-1850 now to get a preferred spot in our private music lesson schedule! Lessons are available Monday through Friday in our convenient Little Silver studio and we're now booking summer lessons and classes too!

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