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Are you looking for someone you can trust to buy instruments and music gear from?

At our school we made the decision a long time ago to not sell equipment so there is no conflict of interest and we can simply focus on what we do best, which is teach. But over these 15 years so many parents and students have asked for guidance in buying an instrument or an amp or a music accessory or whatever it is they need to sing their song. I've been buying my equipment from David at for years and years now. He just told me if the students at our school need a new guitar, bass, keyboard or any gear he will personally take care of you and offer a discount. When I needed some high end gear for my recording studio and an instrument for my son recently David was the first - and last - person I consulted. Sweetwater has a huge campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana where they house just about every musical item, have recording studios and performances! They have a terrific return policy if there is ever a question about your order and David will personally help you get what you want and need and at a fair price. Click the link below to contact David and find what you need today - Don't forget to tell him Jim at the School of Music and Drama sent you! (Besides, you kind of have to trust a face like this)


david mikautadze




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