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Hope every one reading this is well. 

Just wanted to share our new video and what's going on here :)

 - We're thrilled that literally almost all of our current students have continued with online instruction. Thank you so much - we are so proud to be a part of your child's education. I'll include this email I got from a parent last week that literally made my day, and was exactly what I hoped we could do when this began. 

 "I want to thank you all at the School of Music and Drama so very much for helping our son hold on to his lessons by switching to online instruction and keeping a little normalcy during this crazy time." Amanda B, Middletown, NJ

 Our pleasure Amanda. 

 This weeks video is on Permutations, a way to practice and play patterns for technique and creativity and includes a Venn Diagram! I hope you guys enjoy it. Please let me know. Click here to see the video

 - We usually do Bring a Friend month in March or April and wanted to extend an invitation to have your child Bring a Virtual Friend this month. If your child has a friend who plays or sings or is interested in music please let them sit in on an online lesson this month. I think now more than ever that would be a fun for the kids and an extra chance to do something with a friend. I know ZOOM and Google Hangouts can handle multiple users at the same time. 

 - If any of you or your kids have made or would like to make a Video of them performing a song, please send them in. I'd love to edit them together and make a performance video with our students. 

Sincerely, Jim



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