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Becoming A More Confident Performer

What’s a Performance?

Performance can be defined as an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment. When getting ready to perform, whether it's for mom and dad in the family room, one of our School of Music and Drama recitals or in a big concert hall in front of thousands of fans nerves and anxiety can come into play to derail our best efforts to deliver the music the way we want; relaxed, with confidence and feeling. As we prepare for our Spring Recital I've come up with a few strategies to help ease any unnecessary performance anxiety.


Sal 2    Grace

  • Know your music. It sounds simple but regular practice with close attention to detail is crucial
  • Bring your music. Even if you have practiced your songs until you could play them in your sleep bring your sheet music. Sometimes in front of an audience you lose your place and if you have your music you'll be fine
  • Visualize yourself playing well and hearing applause and seeing smiling faces in the audience. Doing this often before performing will greatly improve what happens on stage
  • Remember that the greatest musicians in the world make mistakes ALL THE TIME. If during your performance you miss a note or lose your place continue on as if nothing happened. That's what the pros do when it happens to them
  • Realize we are all on your side. Everybody in the audience including your family, your friends, your peers and your teachers want you to do well so crush it!
  • Keep in mind this is all part of a long journey. You will hear some students on the recital who are more advanced musicians than you are and some who are less advanced. If you continue studying and enjoy playing your instrument you will keep improving 
  • HAVE FUN! Wear a silly tie or a fancy dress, make a joke before you play and when you're done give a big bow to the audience with a huge smile on your face as a way to thank them for listening and for cheering for you!



School of Music and Drama Spring 2016 News and Notes


On January 30th the Oceanport Boy Scouts joined us for a field trip!

The twelve boys and their parents took a quick tour, learned about our school and had an hour long music class where they sang patriotic songs, played percussion and learned about rhythm and got to create a new song with our teacher Dave using words from the Scout creed and motto! If you're the leader of a boy or girl scout troop, a pre school or a home school group and would like to visit us for a field trip please call today for details. Here's what Suzy Peto, the leader of the troop had to say "We just got home from our trip and I am so beyond thankful. Dave is AMAZING! We came up with a song to sing in front of the older dens and it will be the envy of the other dens!!!! Thank you for giving the boys this opportunity". It was absolutely our pleasure and just another way we try to serve the community 

Our Students Win!

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Congratulations to Dylan Plesser, the winner of this years Bring A Friend Contest. Dylan won a brand new IPod and got to share his drum lesson with three of his best friends and his teacher Matt! Runners up this year were pianist Michael Chen and pianist Isabella Branker who both won Best Buy gift cards! As always thanks to all the students who brought their friends to their lessons to learn about our school!


Summer is a great time to start lessons!

- If you or your child got a new instrument over the holidays, sports or other activities are slowing or they are finally ready to get started with music call 732-219-1850 now to get a preferred spot in our private music lesson schedule! Lessons are available Monday through Friday in our convenient Little Silver studio and we're now booking summer lessons and classes too!

IMG 1737


Music and Drama teachers updates

Who we are

- With our growth from last year we've been able to add a number of outstanding new music and drama teachers this year including Colton, a terrific singer songwriter and guitarist and one of our former students! Matt a busy jazz bassist and graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Jen a cellist and violinist who toured and performed for years with indie folk group River City Extension, Philip who plays in the terrific Colts Neck community band and teaches voice, piano and all band instruments, Harald who holds his masters degree from the acclaimed Manhattan School of Music and teaches all band instruments and piano and Meredith a singer and pianist who performs regularly in a very busy wedding/event band! Christine, the newest member of our drama faculty, has her degree from Emerson College and has performed on stages all around New Jersey. With returning faculty MK, Dave, Claudette and Anastasia we trust we can find just the right music or drama teacher for you or your child. As always with all of our instructors our new teachers are friendly university trained professionals who care about their students. When you call for music lessons or drama classes at our Little Silver or Fair Haven locations we will help arrange the best teacher for you or your child.

Our teachers are diverse and involved in the community

- MK, owner of MK Harby Public Speaking has been teaching music lessons and drama classes to great families at our school for over six years.  Her most recent endeavor was starting The Net Work Out.  This is a group of women in Monmouth County who are doing wonderful work for this area.  They meet once a month at our school for a coaching, advising and networking session.  Some of the businesses represented are  Nourish Coaching, Doula and Yoga Coaching, Event and Financial Planning, Interior Design and Window Treatment Design as well as Business and Career Coaching. The Net Work Out also has women leaders from Bridge of Books, Project Write Now, World Moms Blog, GIVE Marketing and TEDxNavesink. In addition MK is the Speaker Coach and Rehearsal Manager for TEDxNavesink, a conference which brings people together for a TED-like experience.  Speaking of TED, the theme this year was MAKERS, and speakers were selected from all over the world to prepare talks on technology, entertainment and design.  The event took place at Monmouth University on April 9th and was absolutely terrific! Speakers ranging from teenage poets, video game designers, entrepreneurs, city planners, writers, artists, comedians, driverless car start-ups and builders of all kinds and many, many more gave inspiring and thought provoking talks that challenged the audience to dream big and contribute. 

And they create and perform

- Anastasia Moiseeva, an outstanding singer, pianist and songwriter, who has taught at our school for five years now, spoke and performed at this years TEDxNavesink. Her talk centered on her upbringing in Russia and how she, like Rachmaninoff, came to New York and settled in Monmouth County to pursue music. She spoke of how her dad brought bootleg records into their house with the music of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and her favorite, Queen. And even though she didn't understand the words she could feel the overwhelming power and raw emotion of the music. She opened with an excerpt of a Rachmaninoff piece, spoke and then closed with a wonderful and complex original song. She performed under the stage name "Zaritza" and her TedX talk was outstanding! Well done Ana...I mean Zaritsa!

And they Write

- I have been a frequent contributor to Carol Roth's business blog. My recent piece on "How To Spark Creativity When You're In A Rut" can be seen and read here  

Carol is a terrific business mind and national media personality, creator of the legacy planning system Future File (currently in private beta), ‘recovering’ investment banker/billion-dollar deal maker, investor, speaker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. She is currently an on-air contributor for the national cable television station CNBC.  

I shared this particular contribution of mine because I owe it to some of my favorite people in the world, the wonderful students I have the privilege and honor of teaching who inspire me and spark my creativity every day.  




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