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"I'm going into my fourth year of piano lessons at the School of Music and Drama. These lessons are enjoyable because I like different styles of music such as rock, blues, jazz and classical and my teacher has helped me learn them. Because of the RockBand program, I've been able to perform in ensembles that have performed at Victory Park and Monmouth Mall. Becoming prepared for these performances has helped me become prepared for things in my life such as sports events and tests at school. Thank You!"

Henry O'Hern

"Thanks for teaching me!"

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"I have studied piano at the School of Music and Drama for eight years. I enjoy my lessons because I love to learn, and it makes me happy to know I am improving. I love reading music and learning my favorite songs. It also makes it easy when my teacher shows me how to place my hand properly. Thanks for teaching me!"

Jordana Friedli

"Music lessons have helped expand their ability to learn"

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My children, Nate, Madelyn and Gabe, have enjoyed their lessons very much for the last eight years. They feel comfortable with their instructors and look forward to new lessons each week. Music lessons have helped expand their ability to learn, and they have learned to commit to something and work hard at it to improve the skills needed to get better. We enjoy the winter and spring recitals. It's great for the kids to get in front of people and perform, it really helps build their confidence.  Thank you!

Tom LePage

"I'm learning how to improvise and write music of my own"

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"I have studied piano and guitar for four years at the School of Music and Drama.  I'm learning how to improvise and write music of my own, and I look forward to my lessons each week. I've played in the RockSchool band in the past, and now I'm leading a group of my own. Thanks for everything"

 Luke Popielski

"Her involvement...has boosted her confidence in all aspects of life"

boosted her confidence in all apsects of life"My daughter Kat has studied guitar for four years at the School of Music and Drama. She has enjoyed her lessons immensely, and the one-on-one attention of her teacher has allowed her to excel musically. Her involvement at the studio has boosted her confidence in all apsects of life. She has developed leadership skills and holds the office of Vice President in her school's band, has been inducted into the TriM society, a music honors society, and assist's the school's band director in helping younger students with the basics of reading music. We attribute much of Kat's success to her lesson's at the School of Music and Drama, and her teacher's tutelage.

Thank you!!! - Mary Giblin

"I just received a merit based scholarship to the music program at Monmouth University"


"I've been studying at the School of Music and Drama for the last seven years. When I came to the studio, I knew absolutely nothing about music. With the help of my instructor Jim Josselyn I just received a merit based scholarship to the music program at Monmouth University. My lessons have always been fun and informative; I've made great friends here as well, and I would just like to say thank you for the opportunity. And now I can share what I've learned with my students as a teacher here at the school!" 

Colton Kayser


School of Music and Drama students succeed!

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"My sons Thomas and Danny studied music at the School of Music and Drama in Little Silver for many years. They learned quite a bit about music and enjoyed their teachers very much. Now Danny has been accepted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, New York to study Aeronautical Engineering this Fall! He also will continue in the music program for guitar and string classes. Thanks to our friends at the School of Music and Drama for my sons great start in music."

Luisa Alegria






"My son Keita has been studying at the School of Music and Drama since the Fall of 2004. First learning to play the piano and then in the ensmble class this summer, Keita has discovered so many wonderful parts of himself. The experience has helped him academically and emotionally. He eagerly goes to music class each week and whatever he has accomplished brings such joy to his face when he shares the experiences with me. The school has helped my son go inside and find the music within his heart - this is a gift that will last him a lifetime"

With Gratitude, Dr. Carol Penn

"I just wanted to take a moment to say how much my daughter Sammi and I are enjoying Music and Me class on Friday mornings with Ms. Maria.  She is a wonderful music teacher and she really runs a fun and upbeat class.  Sammi sings all of the songs at home and she is learning so much from the class.  Maria is so patient with the kids and everyone loves her (parents included)! 

Sincerely, Cindy Kirk

"After a 37 hour power loss because of the March storm, the moment the lights came on my ten year old son let out a resounding "YESSSS", gave his father a high-five and sprinted to the keyboard. Thanks to the School of Music and Drama for helping to instill such a love of music in him."

Sincerely, Maria Maita

"I can't tell you how much my daughter has grown in her confidence and ability in both playing the piano and singing. Her teacher has opened her eyes to so many styles of music and taught her so much about performing. She is so positive and encouraging! We can't wait to see the faculty recital! And a huge thanks for the Friday morning "Music and Me" mommy and me class. My younger daughter and I look forward to it every week. Again, our teacher is unbelievable! She has such a way with the children - and all of the moms too. From her opening song to her parachute and drums, she makes it all so much fun. The School of Music and Drama is an amazing school and I'm so glad we found you. Just had to share and THANK YOU!"

Best, Joy Brandt     

William thorougly enjoys his piano lessons and he's excited to hear the melodies that he makes. He's in complete control when he plays the piano and he loves it. Lessons have helped with William's fine motor skills, confidence and concentration. I highly recommend that children take up a musical instrument. Music lessons are something we enjoy as a family, as William enjoys when we sing as he plays. As a result, I'm learning to read music too! We sing the praises of the School of Music and Drama!

 Sincerely, Josyane Coughlin

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