The School of Music and Drama was established in 2003 to bring excellence in arts education to Monmouth County.

Our mission is to give students the skills they need to enjoy music and drama for a lifetime, and the success of our studio goes hand in hand with the happiness of our students. 

How we teach Music lessons and Drama classes

We use the "Open Hand" policy at the School of Music and Drama.

That means that we do have a few guidelines at the school that help us maintain an organized studio and allow us to give every student the same high level of instruction and every parent the same high level of assistance.

Open Hand means:

  1. We do everything we can to accommodate parents and students to offer the best possible learning experience on a consistent basis
  2. We do not charge admission to any of our recitals or student performances
  3. We offer free Master classes every year to give our students the opportunity to see and hear professionals perform
  4. We have an annual Student Appreciation Day to thank our students for being a part of our school
  5. We donate scholarships to numerous charities and civic groups in Monmouth County. We're happy and proud to be able to give back to the community we serve. 

Now open hand means even one more thing - if you are referred to us by a current student when you register you will receive a $25 gift card to a coffee shop or restaurant here in Little Silver and so will the person who told you about us as our way of saying welcome and thank you! 

Learning at the School of Music and Drama is Fun

drama optgirlguitar optLearning to play an instrument or to sing or act is a journey.

We want our students to enjoy the journey and have fun along the way - after all it is called playing music and play acting! When you get to know us you'll see that we have fun teaching and working with our students and we know that positive encouragement and a smile and laugh go a long way in developing a great rapport with a child. That's one of the reasons so many families in Monmouth County choose and recommend our school over any other and why so many of our students have gone on to form bands of their own, go on tours, achieve full scholarships to music school, act and perform in school and college plays, record CD's of their own or go on to become teachers themselves. All of our students are given the skills they need to enjoy music and drama for a lifetime.

The School of Music and Drama has been serving Monmouth County since 2003. Call 732-219-1850 today for more information on how to get started with us or to register for music lessons or drama classes at our Little Silver studio! 

About our Staff

The staff at the School of Music and Drama is comprised of experienced teachers who have degrees in music or drama from accredited colleges and universities, some with advanced degrees. Call us today at 732-219-1850 to meet your teacher and get started!

Our faculty has a wide and diverse range of experiences from performing with legends like Wynton Marsalis and Jimmy Heath at Lincoln Center to nationally known music venues such as Sloppy Joe's In Key West. Our music teachers have composed music for television, independent films and advertising and recorded CD's of their own compositions, and our drama teachers have taught and performed at the George Street Playhouse and many venues throughout the tri-state area. Many teachers are active performers, some with over thirty years of performance experience, and many of our teachers have experience or are active as school band directors. In addition to being excellent instructors our staff are professional musicians and actors. If you need a musician to perform at an event, party or wedding please inquire. We can provide jazz, pop or classical music for any event.

Most importantly the faculty at the School of Music and Drama enjoys teaching kids music classes and kids drama classes in a supportive, friendly environment. All our teachers are experienced working with many different types of students at all levels. Our staff enjoys sharing their knowledge with students, as well as sharing a laugh by keeping the mood light and the classes enjoyable, because our teachers know if the student isn't enjoying lessons, they will not progress. It's always positive encouragement at our studio, all the time. We believe that if a student has a bad week, there is always next week, and we will try to do better next time. This philosophy has helped make us the fastest growing music and drama studio in our area serving students from Little Silver, Shrewsbury, Rumson, Fair Haven, Oceanport, Monmouth Beach and throughout Monmouth County!

When you register for lessons we are happy to tell you more about the teacher you are starting lessons with. 

One time introductory lessons are available for students 8 and younger. Sitting in on a current Drama or Music class is available if there is space in the class.

Our teachers and front desk staff are the main reason we've been the place you start and the place you stay since 2003.

Other Studios

There are other studios in our area who offer a strictly classical music program, other studios who are primarily retail music stores and others still with unqualified teachers. We are a school and we don't believe in only teaching one style of music or drama and we have no conflicts of interest in trying to sell our students musical equipment. We do offer university trained, friendly instructors who teach fundamentals of music, regardless of instrument to help our students learn whatever type or types of music they are interested in whether that is classical, pop or jazz. Our Drama classes are kept small to ensure the best experience for students and the in-class presentation in December and the black box production in June ensure parents can enjoy their child's progress. We also believe recitals and performances should be conducted in a friendly, supportive environment where students know if they make a mistake it's alright, they tried their best and there is always the next recital. That's also our belief about weekly lessons and classes; sometimes we all have a bad week without much practice and when that happens there is always next week to try a little harder and do a little better.

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