The School of Music and Drama was established in 2003 to bring excellence in arts education to Monmouth County.

Our mission is to give students the skills they need to enjoy music and drama for a lifetime, and the success of our studio goes hand in hand with the happiness of our students. 

drama optgirlguitar optLearning to play an instrument or to sing or act is a journey.

We want our students to enjoy the journey and have fun along the way - after all it is called playing music and play acting! When you get to know us you'll see that we have fun teaching and working with our students and we know that positive encouragement and a smile and laugh go a long way in developing a great rapport with a child. That's one of the reasons so many families in Monmouth County choose and recommend our school over any other and why so many of our students have gone on to form bands of their own, go on tours, achieve full scholarships to music school, act and perform in school and college plays, record CD's of their own or go on to become teachers themselves. All of our students are given the skills they need to enjoy music and drama for a lifetime.

The School of Music and Drama has been serving Monmouth County since 2003. Call 732-219-1850 today for more information on how to get started with us or to register for music lessons or drama classes at our Little Silver studio! 

Use our contact form or call us at 732-219-1850.get started 01

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