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SMD Gives To The Community

On Sunday September 18th we performed at a benefit for a local recovery program called Help Not Handcuffs NJ Celebrates Recovery in Middletown. It was wonderful to be asked to donate our time and talent to a really worthy cause and a chance to have some fun performing our original music. There were interesting speakers, artists, Colton and I played a long set and Ross, one of our music and drama instructors did a terrific set of Magic! A great time was had by all and awareness and funds were raised. If you are involved in a cause or charity and could use our talents at an event please ask. 


celebrate recovery jim josselyn colton kayser

Fine Tuning - Music Lessons help hearing!

I found a short and interesting article on the connections between music lessons and auditory processing and thought I'd share -

"Your child doesn't have to be the next Louis Armstrong to benefit from music lessons. Even a brief period of playing an instrument could help him hear better when he grows up, researchers at Northwestern University say. In their study, adults who received music instruction in childhood - some for even just one or two years - were better than people with no musical training at picking up on the fundamental frequency of sound waves, an aspect of hearing well in noisy environments. Early music-making might shape certain structures in the brain stem, where auditory signals are processed."

How about that fun factfree hd 3d music playing guitar computer wallpapers download?





I recorded a song and Recording Magazine noticed!

And gave my song "Love Gave Me The Wound" a stellar 5 out of 5 star review. 

"Love Gave Me The Wound" is a soulful old-school R&B type number about heartbreak and the healing powers of love, and was a real treat to record, as I had Jenna DiMartini, who went on to a part in "All My Children" among other interesting TV and film work, and Milton Jenkins on lead vocals and Mike Stallmeyer on background vocals. They gave it all their all and did a fantastic job. If I remember correctly my friend Vinnie Favale was there that night as well and he "executive produced". 

At the bottom of this post is the link to the review, and you can hear the song there as well. I hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to Recording Magazine and the great Marty Peters for his kind and thoughtful words!

Studio Little Silver is open. If you write music and need an engineer, arranger, composer and guitarist/pianist/bassist to help bring your masterpiece to life please contact us at 732-219-1850 for a free consultation and to see how we can help you today!


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Benefits of Playing Piano

the benefits OF PLAYING PIANO

THE PHYSICAL AND mental benefits of playing music have long been recognized. The piano, in particular, has been an unparalleled outlet for those seeking escape, creative expression, and simply fun and joy. Recent years have only seen more evidence of the benefits of piano come to light, linking music making to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life.


Even though you’re sitting down, playing the piano is a workout all its own, and offers different physical and physiological advantages to players of all ages. For instance, regular piano playing sharpens fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination in the young and developing. Additional research has shown that group keyboard lessons for adults and seniors have a significant effect on increased levels of Human Growth Hormone — which slows the adverse effects of aging. Bringing music into your life is also proven to reduce anxiety, heart and respiratory rates, cardiac complications, and to lower blood pressure and increase immune response.


Piano practice also boosts cognitive and intellectual abilities, which is to say it makes you smarter and activates similar parts of the brain used in spatial reasoning and math. Studying piano has also been shown to amazingly improve memory — particularly verbal memory — and build good habits like focus and perseverance, diligence and creativity. Children who had a few years of piano study under their belts could remember twenty percent more vocabulary words than their peers. And childhood musicians are better equipped later in life to retain information from speeches and lectures. Playing piano has been shown to increase spatial-temporal ability, which figures heavily in math, science and engineering. Regular music practice at an early age can even make structural changes to the brain that stay with you for the rest of your life, making your brain more efficient both while playing and in extra-musical endeavors.

Children who had a few years of piano study under their belts could remember twenty percent more vocabulary words than their peers.


Studies show that time spent at the keyboard improves mental health: people who make music experience less anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Playing piano has also been shown to be a great source of stress relief, and provides ample opportunities to bolster self-esteem. It is also a widely used form of therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder.


Playing the piano offers a plethora of health benefits that will supplement every part of your life. And that doesn’t even begin to consider the deep cultural network and historical tradition that you join as a piano player and owner. For two hundred years, the piano has been a staple of the home, bringing together families and friends and strengthening communities with the power of music: if you want open up this whole new world of expression to your child call us today and find out how we can help.



Another year, another outstanding recital

School of Music and Drama 2016 Spring Music Recital

What an amazing performance we had this year at a wonderful new location for us, the Middletown Public Library. It just felt like one of those days where everything was lining up just right, from the beautiful room and terrifric baby grand piano in the library performance wing, to the wonderfully sunny day. As usual our three sessions featured students of all ages on all instruments, from five year old beginner pianists to accomplished singer songwriters, violinists, drummers, guitarists and more performing patriotic tunes, broadway show tunes, jazz, classical, rock and roll, movie scores and a number of great original pieces as well. Our students practice, improve compose and perform in a warm, friendly, no pressure environment at our school and in performance in a number of sessions throughout the recital day to ensure an enjoyable experience for the students as well as the audience. Click the link below to see a brief video of our students performing and we'll look forward to seeing you at our next student recital this December!


   rsz f recital   rsz 2n recital   rsz c recital


Click Here To See And Hear Highlights From The 2016 Spring Music Recital


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