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On January 30th the Oceanport Boy Scouts joined us for a field trip!

The twelve boys and their parents took a quick tour, learned about our school and had an hour long music class where they sang patriotic songs, played percussion and learned about rhythm and got to create a new song with our teacher Dave using words from the Scout creed and motto! If you're the leader of a boy or girl scout troop, a pre school or a home school group and would like to visit us for a field trip please call today for details. Here's what Suzy Peto, the leader of the troop had to say "We just got home from our trip and I am so beyond thankful. Dave is AMAZING! We came up with a song to sing in front of the older dens and it will be the envy of the other dens!!!! Thank you for giving the boys this opportunity". It was absolutely our pleasure and just another way we try to serve the community 

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